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Cheering Peppas - Becca Morrissette


No Marching in the Peppas

No Marching in the Peppas

A friend of mine dragged me to the pre-season Peppas interest meeting because I wanted to do something with music, but I hated marching band.  A college pep band is very different from a high school marching band.  The first day I was the butt of a ginger joke, but it didn’t scare me away. I didn’t really understand the impact the Peppas have until a few games into my first season.

When I joined the Peppas the band was much smaller and much closer knit.  The music took awhile to learn, but once you got that down, it was easy to get lost in cheering for the teams. Very quickly I learned that cheering and boo-ing were just as important as the music itself.  The energy of the Peppas can really influence the crowd.  Gradually as the season progressed, I got more comfortable moving around while playing.  Each performance I moved a little more than I did the game before.  By the time the Final Four came around, playing, moving and cheering were business as usual.  The experience of the 2011 NCAA tournament was when what the Peppas do and why they are who they are really clicked.  We draw attention because we live and play by our own rules.



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