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On The Court With VCU Head Basketball Coach Mike Rhoades

MBB Staff

On The Court With VCU Head Basketball Coach Mike Rhoades

Join Darnell in a special edition of Scrambled for a one-on-one interview “On the Court” with the new head coach of VCU Men’s Basketball Mike Rhoades. Coach Rhoades discusses his priorities – putting the players first, a fast pace of play, and continuing a winning tradition as well as the importance of family and strengthening the roots he has in Richmond. Learn about his whirlwind of a first week and his vision of the program.

A 2016 graduate of the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture and former Programming and Sports Director of WVCW, Darnell has been covering VCU programs for several years. During his time as a Ram he and co-host Derek Marion were the recipients of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System's award for best basketball play-by-play for their coverage of VCU men’s basketball. As an alumnus, Darnell remains passionate about the VCU Rams. His loud and animated personality shines through as a commentator on Scrambled. In the new series, On the Court, he showcases his journalistic skills through one on one interviews.

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