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Troy Daniels: The VCU Sniper

Troy Daniels: The VCU Sniper

I thought it would be fitting that for my 30th article, I would type up one about Troy Daniels since his jersey number was 30. I have always referred to Troy Daniels as “The VCU Sniper” because when he stepped out onto the court, the majority of the shots he would shoot would be three-pointers. These wouldn’t be just any ordinary three-pointers, but they would be shot and made from an absolutely staggering range. The video displayed in this article will show you his greatest VCU Sniper moment when the Buccaneers of ETSU hosted the Rams of VCU.

VCU at ETSU (1/2/2013):

  1. With 18:14 left in the first half, Troy Daniels makes his first three of the game. The current score is 6-2 VCU ahead.
  2. Not even a minute later, Daniels shoots and makes his second three-pointer of the game from the left wing. The score is 9-2 VCU ahead at the 17:56 mark of the first half.
  3. Fast-forward to the 12:29 mark, Troy shoots a three from the right corner and makes it. The current score is 25-10 with VCU in the lead.
  4. With just under nine minutes left in the first half, Troy Daniels takes a three from the top of the key and buries it making the score 34-15 VCU up.
  5. Moving forward to 2:33 left in the first half, Daniels takes another three-pointer at the top of the key and drains it. This makes the score 45-25 Rams ahead by 20.
  6. At the start of the second half, Troy Daniels takes and makes his sixth three-pointer from so far back that his feet were touching the ETSU logo on the court. This puts the Rams ahead 54-33 with 19:19 to go.
  7. A little over 30 seconds later, Troy takes another three and makes another three from the right corner again. This gives VCU a 57-33 lead.
  8. With 12:59 left in the game, Briante Weber passes to Troy Daniels at the right wing. He shoots another three and tickles the twine. VCU now has a 30 point lead 71-41.
  9. At the 8:21 mark in the second half, Briante Weber passes to Troy Daniels at the top of the key who turns around takes his ninth three, makes his ninth three, and ties his career high for three pointers made in a game from just four days prior against Fairleigh Dickinson. VCU now has an unimaginable 40 point lead against the Buccaneers 85-45.
  10. Just over a minute later, David Hinton, a former walk-on player for VCU, feeds it to Troy who is at the top of the key yet again. He stops, hops, pops, and drops his 10th made three-pointer. This three-pointer re-broke the VCU school record, gave Troy Daniels another career high for made threes, and he hit this one from 32 feet out. Rams have the lead 91-47 with 7:19 to go.
  11. With 5:02 remaining in the game, Daniels dribbles the ball past the timeline, shoots, and makes yet another three-pointer from the top of the key.  This breaks the VCU school record and career high that he had just recently achieved and also tied the ETSU dome record. VCU leads ETSU by 50, no that is not a typo, 50 points 98-48.

Daniels 3 pointers at ETSU

These stats alone, including many others left out, show that Troy Daniels is the true VCU Sniper of VCU basketball. There is also a rumor that we beat ETSU in this game 265-10 (you will see what I am talking about in the video). The actual final score of this game was 109-58 as VCU broke the century mark which included: 32 points from the VCU 2012-2013 bench (Teddy Okereafor, Jarred Guest, Justin Tuoyo, Melvin Johnson, D.J. Haley, and David Hinton), five points from Briante Weber, six points from Darius Theus, 14 points from Juvonte Reddic, 19 points from Treveon Graham, and 33 points off of 11 threes from The VCU Sniper, Troy Daniels who is now playing for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA.

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