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On The Field With Shawn Stiffler – Interview


On The Field With Shawn Stiffler – Interview goes On the Field with VCU baseball coach, Shawn Stiffler, at the Diamond. Shawn and Derek discuss A-10 rivalries, which players have great taste in music, who can go pro in a sport other than baseball and more!

Derek graduated from VCU in 2015 with a degree in broadcast journalism. As the Sports Director for VCU’s student run radio station, WVCW, he garnered a handful of nominations for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems Awards and received an award with fellow contributor Darnell Myrick for their Men’s Basketball Play-by-Play. He’s worked as a producer for multiple radio stations in Richmond and served as the In-Game Host for the Washington Nationals. Derek strives to bring a thoughtful and measured approach to his coverage of VCU sports, while still holding on to his zealous enthusiasm for his alma mater.

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