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Challenge Accepted Chillin for Charity

Challenge Accepted Chillin for Charity

If you aren’t familiar with the Cold Water Challenge trend that is taking over social media, let me take a moment to catch you up.  The simple goal is to raise awareness and funds for a charity of the challenger’s choice.  On June 16, 2014 University of Arizona’s head coach Niya Butts upped the stakes in a version designed to raise funds for the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation in honor of the the long time North Carolina coach who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009.

History of the original challenge – in this version someone nominates you on your social media page and designates the charity.  You have 24 hours to douse yourself in ice water and must post the video to YouTube or Facebook.  You then donate the amount specified generally $10 or $20 to the charity and are eligible to nominate up to 5 more people in the same manner for a charity (can be the same or different).  Failure to complete the challenge results in the penalty of a $50 or $100 donation to the charity (also specified in the challenge but usually $100).

The Kay Yow campaign was slightly different. Give 3 or more friends 48 hours to post online a video or photo of themselves getting doused in cold water – Gatorade-shower style.  For each friend that completes the challenge, donate $50 to the Yow foundation.  If the person nominated fails to meet the challenge within the 48 hour window then the penalty is that person is supposed to donate $250.

On June 24, 2014 VCU women’s basketball head coach Beth O’Boyle along with 5 others participated in the challenge and continued to “pay it forward” with additional nominations to support the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation.  Go Rams Go!

A founding member of 400 North Media LLC, Pamela was the original editor and primary contributor for when it launched. She currently serves as communications liaison, videographer, and ad hoc contributor. During the day Pamela is a learning consultant for a Fortune 500 company. She's also an avid volunteer who works with several non-profits in Richmond and beyond.

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