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Video: NCAA Basketball Recruits and Fan Interaction

Mens Basketball

Video: NCAA Basketball Recruits and Fan Interaction


The recruiting process is ongoing for coaches.  It can take years to build a relationship with a prospect.  Getting a player to commit to your school can be BIG news. When recruits plan visits fans are understandably excited.  In an effort to land those coveted players many take to social media.  While enthusiasm is great, there are some things to keep in mind especially in the FaceBook and Twitter realms.  Your favorite school could be hit with consequences even if you have the purest of intentions. The coaches do a great job promoting how wonderful the school, program and fanbase are to potential recruits so keep the excitement high and follow the NCAA guidelines.

Interaction Tips

Kazie has some tips to help keep fan enthusiasm high and recruiting interference (however innocent) from negatively impacting the program.  Remember to stay Rowdy within reason!  #LetsGoVCU

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