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Top 10 Games of 2013-14

Top 10 Games of 2013-14

I wanted to do this for a long time. Here you go ladies and gentlemen. These are the top 10 men’s basketball games of the 2013-14 season in my opinion. There will be disagreements I can nearly guarantee it, but this is my personal opinion of a top 10 games list. Ahead of time, VCU won all of these games in the list so without further ado, here we go:

10) VCU at Richmond (3/6/14):

This was the game that showed the whole state of Virginia that HAVOC owns this state by getting the sweep; beating: ODU, GMU, UVA, VT, and Richmond twice. This game was super close the whole way ending with a score of 56-50.

9) VCU vs. ODU (12/8/13):

Come on, how can a game between VCU and ODU not be on the list. Even though this game was a little quiet for a game like this, it was still exciting with VCU falling behind in the beginning then soaring past fatigued ODU before the end of the first half and from there on ending the game with a score of 69-48.

8) VCU vs. GMU (1/9/14):

This was our first A-10 game of the 2013-14 season along with GMU’s first A-10 in-conference game EVER. This was also an exciting night because it was “Check the Stu“. The entire Siegal Center was laid out in a checker board pattern of black and gold. We made sure to give GMU an inaugural A-10 game that they will not soon forget, especially with an unforgettable Briante Weber steal to put the icing on the cake with a final score of 71-57.

7) VCU vs. Richmond (3/14/14):

After we owned the whole state, Richmond decided to climb back up the waterspout that is HAVOC again. We decided we weren’t going to have any of that. This A-10 quarterfinal game in the A-10 tournament lived up to the hype along with the prediction. We decided to show no mercy on the arachnids by giving them a final score of 71-53.

6) VCU vs. St. Bonaventure (3/8/14):

There were many thing that made this game one of the top 10 games. It was senior night. It was a white out. VCU went undefeated at home that season after this game. We got our 50th consecutive sellout. Finally on a personal standpoint, that night was when I achieved perfection. That put the icing on the cake for me as one of the only VCU rams (not including players, coaches, managers, etc.) to attend EVERY SINGLE home game as a VCU student dating back to the beginning of my freshman year. VCU went on to get the W in this one with a score of 86-67.

5) VCU vs. Virginia Tech (12/21/13):

This game was the only game played at the Richmond Coliseum this season and boy did it live up to its potential. VCU got off to a rocky start. Then when we found out we were down 6-0, Melvin Johnson came in and saved the day for the VCU Rams leading the team behind an unfathomable run of 31-0, the biggest run in recent VCU history if not the biggest run ever for VCU men’s basketball. Behind this run came eight three pointers for Melvin Johnson (a career high). The game ended in a blowout with a final score of 82-52.

4) VCU vs. St. Louis (3/1/14):

This was our second game against the Billikens (whatever they are) of St. Louis. This was also a gold-out. The entire Siegal Center was packed with gold HAVOC shirts that listed a definition on them. The game started kind of shaky, but with endurance in HAVOC comes fatigue for the Billikens along with a thunderous Treveon Graham dunk near the very beginning of the game. Along with foul trouble for the Billikens, we were able to get revenge from the first game against St. Louis with a final score of 67-56.

3) VCU vs. Eastern Kentucky (12/5/13):

This game was a nail biter the entire way through. We managed to gain the lead at the end of the first half with a buzzer beater by Treveon Graham off of a Briante Weber missed floater. But boy the Colonals of EKU would not go away. They almost broke the hearts of the thousands of VCU fans in attendance by hitting a half court shot, but we went into OT instead. In overtime, not much was scored except for a Rob Brandenberg three along with two more points and tight HAVOC defense prevented the Colonels from tying it up again with a final score of 71-68 (OT).

2) VCU at La Salle (1/25/14):

This is a team that we’ve struggled against ever since we have been in the A-10. Our first meeting was a beat down at the Siegal Center during the 2012-13 season. This second meeting, oh boy. Treveon Graham puts the whole team on his back and hits a last second lay-up to take the game into OT. In overtime, both teams score seven points, but it’s Mr. Clutch Treveon Graham to the rescue again hitting free throws and getting more points to take VCU into double OT. Double OT ended with VCU getting an unbelievable 17 points in five minutes and ending this heart pounding game with a final score of 97-89 (2 OT).

1) VCU at UVA (11/12/13):

This was the most anticipated out-of-conference match-up all season. Once again, it was a close game all the way. I will just leave you with Robby Robinson’s words “Inbound’s to Brandenberg. Eight seconds to go. Rob Brandenberg top of the key. Brandenberg right side picks up his dribble to Graham. Long three for the win. BULLSEYE!!! HE GOT IT TO GO!! ONE POINT ONE TO GO!! HE HITS THE THREE!! RAMS BY THREE 59-56 AS GRAHAM DRAINS ONE FROM 30 FEET I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! Treveon Graham just hit a 30 foot three pointer with 1.1 second remaining and the rams are up 59-56.” This ladies and gentlemen was renamed as the dagger part two. The final score was 59-56.

Well, there you have it. These are the top 10 games in my opinion of the 2013-14 VCU men’s basketball season. I hope you all enjoyed what you read.

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