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Shakaville Games

Shakaville Games

Krzyzewskiville, also known as K-ville, at Duke University in North Carolina is where students can camp out until game day to claim prime seats in Cameron Stadium.  It occurs 1-2 times per season and it is governed by very specific rules. However, right outside of the Siegel Center at 1200 West Broad Street, Ram fans willing to brace the elements overnight can also camp out for the best seats in the house on game day.  At Shakaville you will find tents decked out in black and gold.  Shakaville residents usually receive various food deliveries which may include Krispy Kreme donuts, Papa John’s pizza, Qdoba chips and queso, and Gelati Celesti ice cream. Most importantly, Shakaville is where you will find Rowdy Rams and other fans coming together as one in the name of VCU men’s basketball spirit.

Shakaville 1.0: VCU vs. #20 Butler (3/2/13):

This was the first ever Shakaville and the only one that I have ever camped out for and boy was it cold.  I was already in my game day gear the night we camped out. Despite the cold weather, it was a lot of fun. There was a tent decorating contest, food deliveries, and everyone was just having a blast in general. On game day, when all of the fans were inside the Siegel Center, it was electric. When high noon rolled around, the ball was tipped and the game was underway. We were down 2-0 to start until the Rams blasted out to a 9-0 run that included a Briante Weber steal and one-handed tomahawk dunk.  Following that dunk the crowd hit their loudest decibel reading of the season at 110 decibels. We then exchanged punches back and forth until VCU went on another 9-0 run to put the Rams up 28-10. The teams exchanged punches again, but with 1:52 left in the first half, Havoc started a 7-0 run on a Rob Brandenberg layup, a Melvin Johnson jump shot, and a buzzer beating three-pointer by Treveon Graham to make the score 45-21 at halftime. Things start getting a little testy in the second half when Butler started out on a 7-0 run of their own. Then it went back and forth for the majority of the second half, until VCU blasted off on a 13-0 run.   The run began at 10:46 and ended with 5:49 remaining in the second half. The remainder of the second half went back and forth and VCU claimed revenge against Butler from the 2011 Final Four with a final score of 84-52.

Shakaville 2.0: VCU vs. #10 St. Louis (3/1/14):

I did not participate in this Shakaville because the announcement was on short notice. This was also the least attended Shakaville to date. Since I knew there were people already outside from camping out the night before, I decided to arrive at the Stu around 12:30. I was right; there were already a lot of people there. When we went inside, I couldn’t get front row like I did against Butler, but I still managed to get in the second row. When the game tipped off, it felt like both teams were just exchanging punches back and forth forever. When the game hit the 10:21 mark in the first half, VCU went on a 16-5 run behind Jarred Guest, Treveon Graham, Juvonte Reddic, Briante Weber, and Mo Alie-Cox to make the score 38-23 with VCU in the lead. St. Louis scored the last five points of the half to reduce the lead but VCU was ahead at halftime 38-28. In the second half, it felt like an eternity before the first points were scored. The first shot scored by St. Louis was from Jordair Jett with 17:11 left. The first shot scored by VCU was from JeQuan Lewis with 16:49 left. The rest of the game was pretty back and forth as neither team went on much of a run. The final score was 67-56 and VCU held their second consecutive Shakaville opponent to under 60 points.

Shakaville 3.0: VCU vs. #7 UVA (12/6/14):

I didn’t attend this Shakaville for two reasons – first because I wasn’t a student anymore and second because I didn’t have a ticket. From what I heard, this was the second most attended Shakaville behind Butler. If you also noticed, the ranks of each team we have played during each Shakaville have increased. I was watching at home as this game tipped off at 2:00 in the afternoon. Both teams would go back and forth as there was an unbelievable amount of six ties in a time span of 7:55. That’s an average of almost one tie per minute which is incredible as the score was 16-16. After this, UVA would then go on a 9-2 run making the score 25-18. After VCU goes on a 5-0 run to make the score 25-23, UVA would blast off on a 13-5 run to make the score 38-28 as UVA was ahead at halftime. Both teams would exchange punches throughout the second half until the 8:53 mark when VCU went on a 9-2 run. All nine of these points were off of three consecutive three-pointers from Treveon Graham. The current score is 59-55 UVA ahead with 6:57 to go as the VCU fans chant to War. However, the game ends as UVA shoots out a 15-2 run in the last 5:50 to make the final score 74-57 as VCU loses their first Shakaville game.

All three of these games, whether it was a win or loss, were exciting. I love Shakaville games because I know when students camp out to see the VCU men’s basketball team play it is more than likely the biggest game of the season. All three of these games were the biggest of their respective season. From my viewpoint, this isn’t the end of Shakaville it’s just the beginning.


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