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Melvin Johnson: The Super Senior

Melvin Johnson: The Super Senior

You know Melvin Johnson right? That guy who shoots all those three-pointers for the VCU men’s basketball team. The guy who named his signature floater “The Melvin”. Exactly, that guy.  He wears the #32 jersey and since this is my 32nd fan article being posted, I thought it would be a great idea to do a post about one of his best games. This one actually occurred during my senior year when I was a VCU student. Please enjoy this flashback when Melvin Johnson hit his career high for three-pointers in a game.

VCU vs. Virginia Tech (12/21/13):

VCU was facing Virginia Tech at the Richmond Coliseum in the 2013 Governor’s Holiday Hoops Classic. Virginia Tech managed to get out to a 6-0 run to start the game, but no one was expecting what came next from Melvin Johnson as he came off the bench in this game:

  1. Melvin Johnson makes his first three-point jump shot to tie the game up at six-a-piece (16:35 first half).
  2. The next shot made by VCU was yet another Melvin three-point jump shot to give the rams the lead 9-8 (15:33 first half).
  3. After making a free throw, Melvin came back and made his third three of the game to extend the lead to 13-8 (14:32 first half).
  4. After a plethora of shots made by a diverse amount of players, it is #32 you all know and love once again, Melvin Johnson, with his fourth three of the game to make the score 29-8 (8:55 first half).
  5. Almost two and a half minutes go by with VCU only scoring two points, but it is once again Melvin Johnson who connects on his fifth three-pointer of the game to give the Rams a 34-8 lead (6:30 first half).
  6. However, not even 30 seconds go by until Melvin “The Melvin” Johnson makes his sixth three-pointer to make the score 37-8 (6:07 first half).
  7. We now go to the second half after the Rams blow off the biggest run that I have ever seen in recent VCU history of 31-0. Melvin Johnson once again hits another three to extend the lead for the Rams 53-32 (15:07 second half).
  8. Near the end of the game, it is Johnson yet again with his eighth and final three-point jump shot of the game making the score 81-47 (2:12 second half)

The final for this game ended up being 82-52.  The Rams of VCU win by an astounding 30 points. Melvin Johnson made a career high of eight three-pointers in this game when he was only a sophomore. Melvin ended up going 8 for 11 from behind the arc in this game.  This season, we were playing against La Salle and he tied his career high for three-pointers in a game going 8 for 13 from behind the arc. On 2/24/16 against GMU, Johnson broke the former VCU record of 269 three-pointers in a VCU career set by former VCU men’s basketball player B.A. Walker by going four out of nine from behind the arc to bring the current VCU career record to 273 three-pointers. Even though this article is all about Melvin, I cannot forget about Korey Billbury, a fifth-year senior transfer from Oral Roberts. He has helped the team tremendously this season playing as a starting point guard for VCU and has given the team another spark to add to the voltage of the team. I cannot wait to send these two seniors off on a high note as we play the Wildcats of Davidson on Senior Night.

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