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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

A lot of sports fans like to leave sporting events early whether it be one minute left in the game just so they can beat the traffic or at halftime just because the game is such a blowout that they think their team has no way of making a comeback. I see this all the time in every sporting event. Some examples are: Packers vs. Seahawks in the 2015 NFC Championship, USA vs. Algeria in the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage, Kansas vs. Memphis in the 2008 NCAA Championship, and most notably, VCU vs. St. Joe’s in the “Thriller in the Chiller” game at the Siegel Center on January 17th, 2013. However, the game I will be talking about is a different one between the Rams of VCU and the Hawks of St. Joe’s. So I invite all of you to sit back, relax, and read this article all the way to the end as well because just like sporting events, this article is not over until it’s over.

VCU vs. St. Joe’s (1/5/16):

In this game, VCU played St. Joe’s at the Hagan Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At halftime, VCU was leading St. Joe’s 38-35. I am going to fast-forward to 7:11 to go in the second half, because this is when a significant amount of Ram fans would either turn the game off if they were watching on TV, or leave the Stu if the game was being played there as St. Joe’s was ahead 70-57. But wait, don’t turn off the TV or leave the arena just yet. VCU is about to go full throttle and put the pedal to the metal. With 6:57 left, Ahmed Hamdy makes a layup making the score 70-59. With 6:46 to go, Melvin Johnson makes a jump shot and gets fouled. He then went to the line and made the free throw making the score 70-62. Then after St. Joe’s makes a jump shot, Melvin Johnson punches back harder with a three-pointer making the score 72-65. After a dunk by St. Joe’s, Doug Brooks answered with a layup on the other end which made the score 74-67. After St. Joe’s makes a free throw, it is Doug Brooks once again scoring off a three-pointer this time making the score 75-70. After another St. Joe’s free throw, Mo Alie-Cox makes a jump shot of his own bringing the score to 76-72 with 2:53 remaining. At the 2:11 mark, Mo Alie-Cox gets fouled and goes to the line to sink two clutch free throws making the score 77-74 after a St. Joe’s free throw on the other end. Then, Mo Alie-Cox scores the next six points for VCU off a layup, another layup, and a jump shot at 1:48, 1:34, and 1:12 respectively giving VCU the lead 80-78 after a St. Joe’s free throw with 1:24 left. The rest of the game was a JeQuan Lewis layup and two free throws with 22 seconds left and 16 seconds left respectively. This follows a Melvin Johnson free throw with six seconds left making the final score 85-82 with VCU winning the game despite St. Joe’s layup at the 18 second mark and dunk at the 10 second mark.

All of this happened when you switched the channel, left the arena, and most importantly, displayed what kind of fan you really are by giving up on the team that never gives up on you; and that team is the VCU Rams men’s basketball team. So, if you are thinking about leaving the arena, or switching that channel, or giving up on the team that fights nonstop for their fans, I want you to remember one thing. It’s not over until the fat lady sings, it’s not over until that clock hits 0:00 after the second half, and most importantly, it’s not over until it’s over. You may now leave, because this article is now over.

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