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Briante Weber: The Epitome of HAVOC

Briante Weber: The Epitome of HAVOC

Before I type my article, this is for the fans. CALLING ALL OF RAMNATION:

Please give your 100% effort at every single game from here on out. I’m not saying you don’t already, but if it is even possible, go that extra mile to show support. Wear that extra piece of game day gear. Don’t leave until the second half clock says 0:00. Add that extra coat of face paint. Stand during the game if you can. Most importantly, shout that extra shout to show how tough the Siegel Center really is to play men’s basketball for the opposition. The players will do their part which means we have to do our part as well. That part is to show everyone the true meaning of the word HAVOC.

Now for my article:

I never thought there was a single person in the world who had as much energy or more energy than myself. I like to think of myself as a ball of neon orange that is about to explode out of a glass container. I thought this until I saw Briante Weber. Briante Weber, also known as “The Man of Steal”, puts my energy level to absolute shame. I will talk about two games, a good one and a bad one, in which Briante Weber was the MVP in my book.

VCU vs. Richmond (2/1/14):

This game was my first and only VCU basketball game as a VCU student to be held at the Siegel Center in the morning. This game was also a blackout with each seat in the Siegel Center having a shirt saying “It’s HAVOC You Fear” on it. Below the word HAVOC was a defensive player who looked like Briante Weber standing in a defensive stance with his legs spread apart and bent and his arms out. The VCU steals record was 257 set by Rolando Lamb. At the beginning of the game, Briante Weber had accumulated 255 steals for his career. Not even three minutes into the first half, Weber gets his 256th steal as he strips Cedrick Lindsay of the ball and gets his 256th steal. He adds his 257th not too long afterward. Then, he once again strips Cedrick Lindsay of the ball and breaks the VCU record with his 258th steal. He now holds the VCU record for most career steals. Let me remind you, this is only his junior year. But does he stop there? Heck no. He remains out on the court doing what he does best. He adds two more steals in the game which puts him at 260 steals for his career as VCU tops Richmond 81-70.

VCU vs. Richmond (1/31/15):

This was my first VCU vs. Richmond game as an alumnus of VCU. This game was also a blackout with each seat in the Siegel Center having a shirt saying “It’s HAVOC You Fear” on it. The letter I in the word it’s had a person who looks like Briante Weber attempting a one-handed tomahawk dunk. The current NCAA steals record is 385 and Weber sits at 368 steals for his career at the beginning of the game. Briante Weber is now at six steals for the game during the second half. VCU has the ball. Weber drives in, jumps, and falls. Inside the Siegel Center, you could hear a pin drop. Inside my house, you could hear a speck of dust hit the carpet. The people around the 804 who were watching the game went silent. He later came out of the locker room on crutches. VCU would fall to Richmond in this one 64-55.

Later that night, the horrible news was revealed that Weber tore his ACL, tore his medial meniscus, and had a grade 2 MCL sprain. For VCU basketball fans, it was a nightmare come true. It was the last thing we expected to happen. Briante Weber’s NCAA and VCU basketball careers were over. Weber’s final career steals is 374. He is the current VCU and A-10 record holder for most steals. Weber was such a big part of our HAVOC defense. He would usually force a turnover on one out of every four possessions which is unbelievable. Bri, in my book, you are the NCAA record holder. This is because you stole the hearts of Ramnation. That right there amounts to thousands, if not millions, of steals. I can’t begin to tell you how much we loved watching you on the court. My favorite moment of yours was when you literally dove half way across the court to steal a rolled inbound pass against GMU on 1/9/14. That was the best steal of your career in my opinion. Thank you “Man of Steal” for an incredible four years of showing us what the true meaning of the word HAVOC really is. All of Ramnation loves you.

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